Grade 3 ! How to fly in Expert Server

Hey guys, I just got to grade 3 yesterday and I would like to know how to fly in Expert Server because I love flying realistic flights but I don’t want to get ghosted or to receive violations . I would really appreciate if you could share some tips / tricks .

Thank you and safe flying !


First of all, congratulations on reaching grade 3 and welcome to the Expert Server!

I strongly recommend taking a look through the similar topic that I’ve linked below for you. There’s some great responses on the topic below and some great pieces of advice.

Let us know if you have any more questions!

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First of all, welcome to the expert server! I hope your experience on the server will be optimal and fun. I’m sure it will be :)

Mainly you should keep in mind that:

1.- In the expert server, as its name indicates, you must simulate your flights as real as possible and respect the server/aviation rules to avoid problems.

    • This I tell you from my experience but I think it will help you, look, when I got to the expert server, my greatest desire was to be able to fly with experienced ATC and in airports with massive arrivals/aircraft, however, in my first attempt I received a level 2 infraction for not following the sequence that ATC gave me, After that, I started to educate myself in the ATC subject and as time went by I acquired more knowledge until the current point that I know absolutely everything and I execute correctly all the vectors that they give me. This is what you should keep in mind, start experimenting with ATC and if you have doubts do not hesitate to watch tutorials to avoid any infraction in the future as it happened to me in my beginnings in the expert server.

3.- There are very useful tools for your flights, such as Simbrief (to make customized and realistic flight plans), you can also use other tools like Liveflight, Infinitex, etc. (these to track your flights in real time), among others that I’m sure will totally improve your experience.
4.- Join a virtual airline or virtual organization, this way you can have and meet contacts / friends who can help you in any questions you have, also, this way you can make more realistic your experience in Infinite Flight. Being in a VA or VO is a totally different and fun experience that I advise you to try ;)

5.- this is related to the second thing, I recommend you to watch tutorials on Youtube or try by yourself options or things you don’t know about Infinite Flight. the best way to learn new things is experimenting by yourself and if you make a mistake, it doesn’t matter! you can learn from the mistake and try again.

In conclusion, the Expert Server is a lot of fun and I am sure you will have a good time. Just keep in mind certain things and enjoy your passage through it, I assure you that it will be a unique and unforgettable experience. Don’t hesitate to ask when you have any doubt related to the simulator or the ATC (I say this because it’s normal that people when entering the Expert Server have many doubts about it) or about anything else. without more to say, good luck and I hope to see you in the skies! :)


Thank you very much , this really helped me !! My first flight this WE on the Expert Server will be ITA Airways A350 from Rome to Sao Paolo , departing Friday evening ( FYI feel free to join me ) . I must confess that I am a little bit stressed 😅

I join you along with several other friends. :), I will write you privately and we will agree to make the flight, for me it would be a pleasure to share your first expert flight with you :D

With pleasure !

It’s an odd point, but the Expert Server is just like the Casual Server except when at ATC controlled locations.

There is a ton of videos on youtube (Infinite Flight - YouTube) that will teach you all the things to know for flying on expert server! Good luck and congratz with the grade 3🙌

Excellent advice! It’s also worth noting that we don’t mind being pm’d privately if anyone has any questions when in our airspaces.

Another suggestion, would be to fly into some of the smaller airports on the ATC schedule initially, which will possibly be controlled instead of the main hub for the day. Controllers are likely to have more time to tolerate little errors that come with being new, whereas we may not be able to do so at a much busier hub.

See you all around soon! :)


just listen to ATC when they give you heading altitude and more or if there is no ATC act like there is ATC

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