Grade 3 help

Those 6 violations were last year. When will it let me on Grade 3


You will have to wait one FULL year until your violations expire. So for example, if you got a violation on the 30/12/18 that violation will remove itself on 30/12/19.

Once one has removed itself then you will be back to Grade 3, if other stats permit.

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Might as well get a new account

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Yes, you have got 6 violations in the past year and the maximum you are allowed for Grade 3 is 5.

You have to wait until your oldest violation has expired. I would recommend checking the date of your oldest violation within the last year, to see how long you have to wait.

16th of March is my first violation in 2018. So I wait until 16th of March 2019 for it to get me to Grade 3?

Yes that is correct. Then you will be able to return to Grade 3 if all of your other states permit.

Ok thanks for your help. Very much appreciate it!

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You’re welcome! If you have any other questions, feel free to send me a PM anytime!

He has 6 reports not violations. The reports is the one holding him away from grade 3

That’s what I meant! He understood what I said, so it’s all good!

Ok sorry as long as he understand. And he is better off knowing the rules of the expert server so this thing does not have to happen in the future

Yeah, no all good! Thanks for clarifying! Just back form a long day at work…😜

Ok well happy New year

Same to you! :)