Grade 3, Expert Server

I have recently joined infinite flight and am close to grade 3. Are they many things I should know about flying on the expert server and are there any tips you could give me?


Reviewing the User Guide :)
Watching the Youtube Tutorial from Infinite Flight
Listen to Controllers


this topic can be of help. I hope you’ll make it to Grade 3👍 Good luck


thanks mate

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This is also usefull:


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Congrats! My best advice is to follow ATC’s instructions. It does not sound too difficult to do but you would be surprised how many people do not. If you are told to turn to 160, turn to 160. Do not keep following your flight plan. If following ATC’s instructions lead to a conflict, it isn’t your fault and you are not liable. It is not like the training server where the ATC is often subpar and you do not always have to listen. Anyways I look forward to controlling ya. Have fun

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Man - follow instructions - but remember to have fun. Don’t panic and stay present! In active ATC areas things happen alot faster than you may anticipate, so don’t leave the device! (You’ll regret it.)

Best of luck Mate!


Fly as how you would fly a plane in real life and take everything into consideration, while also remembering that it is just a game so when you get a violation, crash etc. it may stink but dont let it get to you

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The most important thing is to follow IFATC instructions also when they sometimes make no sense for you. I from my side as a training IFATC Member can say that it is very annoying to see people not following them. As a Result it can end in a violation which is on Expert even worse then on Training Server.

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I’d also recommend you to go through the user guide before flying on the Expert server @Chris4435, and be sure to listen to the ATC instructions carefully.

Good luck mate


Don’t fear flying into airport with ATC! Just always do what they say and you’ll have no problems!

I’d read up and learn all the initial calls to ATC. I’m hearing more and more incorrect call ins recently, like lots of new pilots on expert are not studying or learning things beforehand.

For example we hear things like requests for vectors to Santiago, and thats an initial call to Boston Approach!

Or initial calls to Tower, when no approach has been active, of “inbound on the ILS …” when the plane is still 10 miles out on base…

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Cant stand this. This shows the importance of the ATC guide.

I respectfully disagree with several of those instructions in that thread from a realism and experienced perspective, but there is still a lot of good information there.

you mind pointing them out? it’s good to clarify as it can help as well.

If your talking to me I did look at the guide and read it thoroughly I just wanted to ask before I go a make a careless mistake

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No I was talking to the person before me… I’m sure you have read and will be a pilot that will correctly communicate!

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Because a good pilot is one who asks question.

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