Grade 3 Downgrade

I have not been able to receive credit for achieved landings to correct the downgrade I was assigned to Grade 2 for not maintaining the required number of landings for Grade 3–even after I catch up. I think this is a software malfunction and do not know how to correct the error

Some times it takes a bit for the grade table to update itself. Have you tried closing the app and restarting?

Also a possibility (even though unlikely) is that the same time you did those landings to get back to grade 3 some of your previous landings expired 🤷🏾‍♂️

So what you’re saying is your landings aren’t counting, therefore, you can’t maintain grade 3?

Correct. My stats show that I am one landing short of the 15 in 90 days required to maintain Grade 3 status—even after I complete a landed flight to raise my number

Make sure you’re also following the correct criteria for the landing to be counted:

  • No touchdowns within 30 seconds before the desired landing
  • Landing should be done on a runway
  • At least the main gears touch down
  • Ground speed most be over 10kts
  • Must be done in a live server, solo landings are not counted

I lost my grade 3 when I did not fly for some time and once I started flying again I got it back and kept flying and now am grade 4. But you must keep flying the FAA calls it currency. You have a license you gotta keep the license,

How does one close the app?

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