Grade 3 can’t use the Expert Server.

Hi guys I am at grade 3 and i cannot use the expert server image

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Your violation to landing count needs to be 1:2. Which it appears to be, just give it some time and restart your device 😊


That’s what I did but it still doing the same thing, I actually stop playing for 2 weeks but it was still doing it, is that the only way ?

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You need to go to the Casual or Training Server and try not to get any violations while racking up some landings. It’s going to take some time as well.

Maybe try a flight on casual

I had the same issue! You just have to wait for it to update. I also kept continuing to do pattern work at a airport to make the ratio go down🙂

Your violation to landing ratio probably isn’t enough do some landings and you will be in expert in no time


Please utilize your grade table to determine what requirements you will need to meet to fulfill the violation/landing ratio. Please see: (Reading the NEW Grade Table) for more details regarding the different aspects of the grade table. Specifically the violation/landing ratio as that is the area that is prompting the popup you have included in your topic. Your logbook can be found on the main landing page within the app. Let me know if you have further issues after reading the linked topic for the grade table.


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I’ve come across this issue before when they updated the requirements for TS1 and to me it seems like the system doesn’t like perfectly on the ratio so just get one more landing in you should be good

Spawn into the casual server and sit there for a few seconds. You should be able to go back into expert then.

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