Grade 3 But Can't Access ATC Servers

Hi All,

So it might be a silly questions but I can’t seem to access the casual server as an ATC controller. I use to be able to do this when I was Grade 2 but ever since I got up to Grade 3 it won’t let me access it.

I can still access the training server for ATC and I can’t access the expert server, presumably because I haven’t got the required training…

Any thoughts?

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Hi there,

This is due to the fact that the casual server does not have ATC services. The training server allows for anyone with grade 2 or higher to access ATC. The expert server can only be controlled by controllers in IFATC who pass multiple tests to join.


For Expert server here is what you do

No one was ever able to access casual server ATC, so you must have mistaken it for training


IF-ATC is only the available group of people that can be a controller for expert server.