Grade 3 back to Grade 2?

I have a quick problem, Yesterday I finally got to the Expert Server, however today, I tried spawning in an airport once which worked, however the second time it says that “Grade 3 has to be required”
The message claimed that I was still on Grade 2 while I just got to Grade 3 the previous day. I looked into my stats and saw that I had 46 out of the 100 required total landings. However, if that is the case, I should not have gone to expert server in the first place

Is there a problem for me? Or I actually made a mistake when I entered Expert server


Sorry to hear.
Could you please get back to us with a screenshot of your Grade table?

Please see below if you’re unsure on how to find it:

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Thank you for letting me know, however I couldn’t easily connect it though as I do not seem to see the connect button, so this is best I could do for now

You do not have enough landings, as it appears you only have 46 landings in total. 54 landings and you’ll reach Grade 3.

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In 20.3, Infinite Flight contains changes for how it processes user stats on the servers. As part of this, developers have noticed an old bug (previously undetected) where solo stats were tracked as part of the Total Flight Time and Total Violations figure in the Grade Table for some flights carried out between 2013 and 2017.

To simplify how data is stored and processed, and in the interest of being fair to every Infinite Flight player, Infinite Flight has made the difficult decision to exclude any past Solo stats from user Grade Tables. This won’t affect every user but it may cause a small handful of users to move down a grade.


Thank you for the information,
I understand that this update has brought an important bug fix that has been undetected for months or years

I got a level 3 violation for not diverting, but I was not to told to do so by ATC. I was trying to do a 360 as I was not on my designated altitude I assign on my flight plan so I did the 360. After that I told ATC I was inbound in the ILS ATC told me to switch to Manchester approach and than I requested my approach ATC didn’t tell me anything and than I got the level 3 violation. So I would like to appeal or tell me what I did wrong by I am confuse. Thank you.

You may contact @appeals via PM. Please include all information about this report. Best of luck!

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Welcome to the community. I suggest contacting your co troller directly to get an understanding of why you received the violation. If you want to appeal send a message to @appeals.

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