Grade 3 and Up in...Training and Casual Servers?

I just recently reached grade 3 and reading the thread about annoying things in IF, I wonder why not more people fly in the training/casual servers if they can’t stick well enough to the stricter rules in expert or if people just want to enjoy flying together (without stressing so much about the rules)?

I mean people can still be realistic with their ops in the looser servers, as well as give our grade 2 below mates more friends to fly with while they gain skill.


Well, most people who fly badly on Expert think they fly well. No one really wants to admit they fly badly or doesn’t know how to fly, so they fly on Expert anyways.

I hardly ever fly on Training because the ATC is unreliable and there’s zero reason for me to choose it over Expert. You have the same issues with violations, but overall even with a few exceptions the vast majority of people on Expert fly much better than those on Training.

Casual I do use a lot, though. Whether I just want to do mass touch and goes, fly with Grade 1 friends, or just do other dumb stuff that would get me reported on Expert, it’s Casual all the way.


Yep, same here. Not really a choice with violations, but I also want to fly with my Grade 2 friends or get back some hours that I lost.

Dang, I feel like I just got called out 💀

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I mean, you are ‘the new pilot’

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