Grade 2

Hi guys, i entered the app and it appeared that I’m grade 2, when i reached grade 4 yesterday and i restarted the iPad and the app and i still don’t find the solution. And also I checked all my Xp and it clearly shows that I’m a grade 4

Can you send us a screenshot of your grade table? Also, check how many violations you have.

Do a quick flight to refresh the stats. Fly for a few minutes than end the flight and see if that helps at all.

You are grade 2 because you were ghosted by an IFATC. That ghosting will disappear in 7 days.

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Does those ghostings have anything to do with this. Cause it’s my first ever ghosting

Yes it affects your grade as it’s highlighted. It won’t let you get back to Grade 4 for 7 days now.

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Ohhh I didn’t know that. So I have to wait 7 days and then I will gain back my grade 4?

Check that out :)

Yes that is correct anything highlighted is what requirement you don’t meet.

Just for you guys to know I was on the phone and I forgot to land so I guess that’s why I got ghosted. Cause I don’t want you to think that I’m those un experienced guys who just want to bother other players and atc. Anyways thanks for the help.

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if u remember who the ATC was u can shoot him a PM explaining what happened

I don’t remember who the atc was

He should just wait 7 days. No point in trying to contest the ghosting now with little detail.

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Please stop stating what has been said several times.
This goes for everyone.

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