Grade 2 when should be 3

I got a grade 3 violation 10 days ago I have not had any more grade 3 violations but it’s been more than 7 days and I am still grade 2 not 3

Hello, maybe wanna do a quick flight on the casual server to “refresh”. I think it should work out :)

Thank you useful to know that doing a flight refreshes it hopefully I don’t get another violation!

Getting a violation can be avoided, therefor hoping isn’t really necessary but I see what you mean. To avoid future violations, you should review the User Guide a little more to understand the fundamentals and knowledge of flying on the Expert Server. When I first joined the Infinite Flight Community, I knew nothing really about the fundamentals of how ATC would work here. After reading the ATC Manual and watching the tutorials on YouTube over and over many times, I began to catch onto it over time. The same thing could work with piloting, I’m sure there are many tutorials and explanations on the User Guide that could be beneficial to you.


Hello there,

I was also asking me that most of the time when a violation had to be gone. I finally figured out what make the wait, at least, for me.

1. It may be 7 days but not entirely because you are on the 7th day but not at the time you received the violation.

2. You are on the 7th day with the good time then you just need to wait for a little, that is what I experience each removed violation.

Hope this helped you, blue skies !

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