Grade 2 to grade 5 in 1 week

Exactly one week ago i received 4 violations in a row for overspeeding as i was starting a 16 hour flight. luckily i hadnt received a ghosting as that would have been a nightmare. Due to this ghosting i was dropped down to grade 2 from grade 3. I couldve easily had waited a week to go back to grade 3 and start doing expert server flights again, however i noticed something. I noticed that all i needed to get to grade 5 from grade 2 was 140 landings and 20,000xp. So for the passed couple of days i have literally just been grinding out landings at various airports. And today i landed around 40 times at denver international, just going in a circle. taking off, right turn then landing again and again. I also figured out that i would easily be able to get the 20k xp whilst doing these landings. And i am now proud to say, after a good couple of hours, that i have successfully reached grade 5 for the first time ever.

This was done in a a318 and on casual server. If anyone was there today, i am sorry if i caused an inconveniance. :-)


That’s nice now everyone can do that to reach grade 5 .


Using the Super Decathlon you can do really tight patterns and save time ;)


Yes, people can do that to reach grade 5. But my inner Carnac the Magnificent predicts we’d get a lot of posts 90ish days after the achievement asking why landings ‘magically’ disappeared.

Be sure to do a few landings every day to spread out the landings for when these 140 drop off if maintaining grade 5 means that much to you.


Hahah yh, I will definitely make sure that do that.

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Please keep in mind that you need to really keep up your landing out.

After 90 days the landings you did are going to fall off and unless you do more to maintain the count your grade is going to drop again. Just giving you a heads up so its not a shock.

If I did 1000 landings today, in 91 days they will fall off and my grade will drop.


Yh im aware. I may have a go at getting another 100 or so landings just in case.

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More like use the Super Declathon so you can crash because it’s physics are absolutely wack.

Great job! I would try but I don’t have the time and patience. I’m good with grade 3 :)

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Ah, I remember when I did 70 landings in less than 1 hours time, got to be the most stupid thing ever done by me in IF so far. In 2 months from now, I’ll be ripped on 70 landings, so I’ve already filed out a plan to work against that day. Easily said, 10 landings at the end of each week to bump up that 90 days landing criteria is one way to avoid having all those dozens of landings gone in one blow.

Congrats but the real job is to maintain that criteria, to keep the G5 tag, that’s a challenge in its own, which I for one, cannot hold on to due my very busy schedule. Although I like the Green colour of the G4 tag more, so either way, whichever G4 or G5, you still have access to Expert and it’s you as a pilot who set the professionality in your flying, not the grade that does the speaking.


You will have the shock on 29th August. Atleast you know how to maintain. We don’t have to see a thread "oh I lost my grade, I fly everyday, blah, blah! ":D

I have terrible news for you. You will need to keep up those landings because that 40 will disappear in 90 days. In the span of 8 days I went from 312 landings in 90 days to 238 landings lol.

My subscription ends soon and I need 2 more landings for grade 4… rip

How does IF define a landing? Do you have to taxi off, of do you have to be on the ground for a certain amount of time?

A landing is where the main gear makes contact on a runway. Bouncing multiple times or too quick of landings back to back will not register multiple landings. There is no speed or time requirement.


What I did was land, carry on down the runway for a bit then take off.

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