Grade 2 to grade 3

Tomorrow marks my 100th day of being kicked out of grade 3, just 265 days left until then anyone know how to get back in cause Im so bored in grade 2 I will do anything to get back into grade 3.

To pass the time, I guess you can practise buttering your favourite aircraft.

and maybe go to space IN THE CASUAL SERVER

As for any offers to get to grade 3, you’re gonna have to wait 'till the ban has expired

I mean whatever you did, you did it. Face the consequences 🙂


Ideally you should have appealed the violations when you received them if you thought you were not at fault.

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I’m getting a little frustrated with infinite flight and some of the requirements for grades 2 - 4. I feel like I have to grind just to maintain a level three status with a plethora of experience and landings.

XP: 253,760
Total Flight: 356hr 22mn
Total Landings: 435
Level 1 Violations (Year): .06
Level 2 Violations (Year): 1

But I’m rocking a level 2 because my flight time in the last 90 days 3hrs 51mn.

I’m blowing out every single one of my requirements to meet a level 4 except for flight time and instead I am stuck on the training server at level 2.

I’m sorry your going through this too I’m in the same position myself but I still like to fly in the training server because infinite flight is awesome and I only have 3 months left but sooner or later you’ll get back to grade three as I will

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Possibly the best reply I’ve had!! gave me hope! ❤️

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Of course buddy! Hopefully to see you back in the expert server!

Love to see you flying to what’s ur username and call sign to see if one day I can find you/

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I usually use any airline I am and 1258 after the airline name if you look on my profile description

I’m doing a flight tomorrow from Toronto to halifax with the Air Canada a220

Qucik Tip, Start doing overnights flight whenever you can but not too much. It will help get you passed the certain amount you need, much quicker

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