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I was grade 2 and literally out of no where i was dropped to grade 1. Can someone please help

How many violations do you have? If you get enough Category 1 Violations (speed violations) then you can get demoted from G2 to G1 for a temporary amount of time.

This can also happen if you have been inactive for a while. In order to maintain a grade, you must have a certain amount of landings/ flight time in the last 90 days. I’d you would like to see why you dropped down, check out your grade table by tapping on your profile, then the “my stats” button.

Put this topic into the #support category for the most amount of help :). Also, this maybe due to too many violation, previously stated above.

Not an issue with the app so #general is the best place 🙂


Isn’t grade 2 to grade 1 question a support, since he’s asking… for support with figuring out the app? (I could be wrong though)

Support is typically for bugs/issues with the app itself. Questions about something regarding are best kept in #general ;)

You just solved my biggest question! Merci beaucoup monsieur!

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Glad I could help 😂

Support inside another topic lol

Oh hahahaha i think that answers my question

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