Grade 2 Pilots on Expert

Grade 2

I was flying in the Carrieban today and I found two Grade twos. The one in the second picture was an obvious noob as he took off on an occupied runway. Is it a glitch or something on my end? And I’m positive I’m on the expert server because when I check it says "[Expert Server].

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They racked up some violations during the session. Nothing new.


Maybe the pilot to begin with was a higher grade, but he got a violation(s) in between and became G2?

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Okay thank you. I was worried I was becoming delirious and joking TS1 instead of expert.

Maybe the gained multiple violations, which brings them to grade 2 but they can still fly for he next session.

It’s odd that a previous Grade 3 would act like a noob.

No, pretty common. Grade 5’s are almost the worst.


Not in the slightest