Grade 2 on Advanced?

So, today I was holding short of runway 27R at EGLL on the advanced, waiting to takeoff, when a plane in front of me, lining up and waiting, had a icon saying: Grade 2!

Help anyone?

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Maybe he got a violation (while taxiing, for example) while already in the server and it demoted him, causing it to display grade 2, yet not removing him from the server because he was already there. That’s the best theory I have.


must be hax.

@Tecnam2TA has the answer I think.


Yes, that is what I thought!

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That is true! I accidently got Grade 2 on Advanced, and I realized I was still in the server!

Were you N7GL?

Who me? Make sure you use an @____ if your talking to a specific person.

There has been a topic about this earlier.
Tecnam explained.

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They probably got a taxi violation and went down a grade :)

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