grade 2 in expert

I just did a flight from dubai to cochin this evening. and to my surprise i found a grade 2 pilot at the expert server. moreover his usage of unicom was quite wierd. how is that possible that a grade 2 is on expert server.

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He may have been grade 3 (or higher) on starting the flight, then got violations resulting in him becoming grade 2.


He probaley got reported during the flight.

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Can you show a screen that proves that you are actually in Expert server, some people load in on training server by error some times. You may have made that error? Or maybe as @Jet_Airways_995 said !

No need it’s perfectly normal. Jet airways is correct, the grade updates accordingly but you can’t be kicked off a sever for this so until you end the flight only then would you be restricted access back onto the server.

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look at my second screenshot status bar carefully. extreme right.

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This has happened to me, they probably got violations in flight, but they can still access the server until they leave there flight

As others said, I also agree that they may of picked up violations resulting the the downgrading in their grade. Upon Ending his or hers flight, they will not be able to access the expert server.

sorry didn’t see, my bad

If he got reported you wouldn’t be able to see him…