Grade 2 in Expert Server?

We may have an issue in Expert Server. It says that you need Grade 3 to get in right? Well I saw a Grade 2 in expert server…Let that sink in…a grade 2! Here are photos for proof



That person could of got ghosted and did not leave


best guess is that he/she recently got grade 3 but the server didn’t update it


The person could’ve been demoted but hasn’t left the server yet.


Wow. That’s not good.

Maybe? But his XP is 13,000 so is that possible? Does you XP decrease when you are ghosted and go back up to normal when it is over?
But I just spawned lined normal (with the IOS update in full swing) and that’s the first thing I saw…

No it doesn’t…

only your grade

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His XP is way to low then to be in grade three isn’t it??

He must’ve gotten some violations and has been demoted while in the server.


Yeah if the more noob pilots can get in that’s an issue with the update. But like some people said the server may not have updated him as grade three or he may not have left after being demoted…but don’t you become invisible to other aircraft when you are ghosted or demoted??

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he has the right amount :)

Okay lol I guess it’s just been to long,

Shouldn’t he become invisible then? Or is that only when you are ghosted

And doesn’t it kick you out of the server?

Other planes just can’t see you

but maybe he was about to be kicked but you were right in time for a picutre?

No you’re not kicked out. You only become invisible when you are ghosted.

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So someone can become demoted to a grade below the requirement and still fly? On expert? Or as soon as you leave the session it bares you from coming back?

The timing would have to have been extremely perfect. I got two pictures of him like ten seconds distance from itself. So…

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As soon are you leave you can’t come back.

Okay understood. That makes sense. He must have been demoted. Yes that makes sense. Thank you @Carson your posts have been extremely helpful! And thank you for whatever help you had with the new update :)

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