Grade 2 in Advanced Server

I managed to find a Grade 2 flyer in the Advanced server. I was under the assumption advanced was for Grade 3 and up?

(Not sure if this is a bug so I decided to share)


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I think he may have gotten a violation and gone down while flying.


That’s what I originally thought, but don’t you get ghosted? I may be wrong on this one

Not with violations. Only ATC and 3 user reports can ghost.


Yeah. I think you’re right. I decided to share just incase. I’ve personally never seen a Grade 2 in advanced, so it took me by surprise.

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Maybe he mades a lot of violations, and when he ends his flight, he not realize he is back in grade 2 and later he flying again in the advanced server without selecting a server.

It happen to me for a violation, I could fly a while on avanced before being kicked out. Perhaps it take time for the server to reconize you as second grade instead of third.

not 100% correct my bro

You can also be ghosted if you make more than 4-5 violations
“You got too many violations, you’ll be invisible to the other users for this session”

instead of ATC ghosting & 3-users reporting
“You have been reported for inappropriate behavior, you will be invisible to other users for this session”
something like this…

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