Grade 2 help

Hello guys, I noticed that after the new update my grade has gone to 2 from 3 and cant access the expert server. Can you help please. Thanks

Hi there!

Our 20.1 update has a whole host of new features. These substantially increase the realism of the simulator. To ensure that our community understand how to fly online using them, we have increased our grade requirements. For G4/5, this also makes them more exclusive so you can have more pride in achieving them. Whilst you work up to reaching the grade you wish to achieve, head to our new user guide to learn all you can!



Yeah, this is because the grading system has been changed, and there are now different requirements to achieve the grades.

It was made more difficult to get to grade 3, you now do not reach the requirements for Grade 3.

I’m doing landings and they aren’t registering, guess I’m stuck in Training for a while…

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But we can’t acces the grade table without the app crashing when we click on it.
And the answer of Adam is empty, there’s nothing that we can do with (not saying this is useless).

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It is a know issue, and it is being worked on, its probably because of the shear amount trying to play at once.

Hey there,

Basically it’s what’s been said above. The grade table was updated to make Grade 3 a bit more challenging to obtain. What you can do at this point is just fly on the training server to rack up whatever you’re missing. Say you are short 10 landings, hop in at an airport with plenty of runways like KDTW and to some touch and goes on the various runways (make sure you’re on casual for this!)

Fly safe,
Gabriel :)

Edit: Not sure why the grade table is causing the simulator to crash… it’s not for me. Quite odd, maybe someone else can help with this? Maybe create a topic in support and someone can help you out there?

I understand that the work asked to the devs is not easy but instead of lauching the MAJ one shot, they should have done a maintenance before rolling out the MAJ just for them to expect the limits of the servers.

I really wish i could do that but with the servers overwhelmed by the new DLC it’s impossible for me or anyone to launch and play the game.

When was the last time you tried? I’m currently at FL360, westbound heading to LAX and I’m not having any issues.

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Same happened to me!

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For the past 3 hours mate, my network is good and my device is also updated to his latest version :)

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But I feel mad because I’ve played en learned a lot to get up to Grade 3 and now I received a downgrade to G2 so that’s also why I’m complaining too.


And you know if people complains about the game this is because they like him and they don’t want to drop him.
So the devs and mods should at least listen and read the critics about the game to improve the game. :)

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I totally get that, and to be honest it is hard for me to understand exactly how you feel since I’m at grade 5 and didn’t get downgraded with the update (I think it also makes me appreciate that others have also put the amount of flying I have into getting to grade 5 and they’ve just gotten to grade 3), but I can understand why you’re upset. What I can do/offer though is if you ever want to fly on the training server to rack up that XP or landings or whatever you need to do to get back your Grade 3, feel free to shoot me a pm and we can fly together!

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Well I really hope that tomorow I will have the possibility to fly and get back to grade 3.
But sure anytime you want (once i get back to G3) I dm you to get in a flight. :)
Just hopping that IF consider that they need to listen to the complainings etc to improve the game experience ^^

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Oh alright. I have attached a picture of my current stats. Can you please help me understand how far I am to making it back to Grade 3. Thanks!

You need to make 22 more landings

Do some pattern work and ure good to go.