Grade 2 and not reaching the stats?

I was flying and was looking at this persons stats and I was wondering how he got it when his stats do not meet the requirements.

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He may have lost grade 3 during the flight, it will not let him back on the server after that flight.

Correction: what server was that on?

What server was this on May I ask?

I mean I was on casual but how is he grade 2 with the stats.

Only expert server has a requirement which is Grade 3

He has 7,000 XP and 49 landings. That is more than enough to be grade 2.

I just took that pic now

Look at the grade chart. Grade 2 only needs 1000 xp and 25 landings.

He has the minimum requirements for grade two. What is the issue?

You need 1K xp to be Grade 2 there is nothing wrong here

You need 1 hour flight time, 25 landings and 1000xp which is more than enough

Let me check…

Ohhhhhhh because I thought Grade 2 needs 10 flight hours.

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