Grade 2 and 3

Infinite Flight moved me from grade 3 to 2. What the heck!? I don’t have any violations.

There is new landing requirements. You now must have 30 landings in the last 90 days

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Check your grade table and see what the issue is. :)

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I’d recommend taking a look at your grade table and see what’s orange in the grade 3 section so you know what it is you need to rectify.

20.1 saw the implementation of new grade requirements in order to add more exclusivity to grades 4&5 as well as in an attempt to restore some more control on the expert server.

If you’re unsure as to what any of these new requirements mean, there’s a lovely guide about it, which can be found here! :)

Keep working hard and I’m sure you’ll get back up to grade 3 in no time! :)

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Here you can see requirements

The update changed some things. I gotta get more landings.


Hi there!

Our 20.1 update has a whole host of new features. These substantially increase the realism of the simulator. To ensure that our community understand how to fly online using them, we have increased our grade requirements. For G4/5, this also makes them more exclusive so you can have more pride in achieving them. Whilst you work up to reaching the grade you wish to achieve, head to our new user guide to learn all you can!