Grade 2-3

Exactly one week ago, Tuesday, at 11:06PM CET, I was downgraded from Grade 3 to Grade 1 due to max violations, as I was not paying attention to my device and accidentally passed 250kts below 10ft. That’s not the issue, as I understand why I was downgraded. But, now, I’m still Grade 2. It’s been more than a week since the incident, by my IF profile still says I have 6 violations within the last 7 days, which, by now, isn’t true.
I know I’m probably just misunderstanding or missing something, but I’d greatly appreciate an explanation in any form.
Thank you! :)

Just takes some time to update. See if it works after a few hours

Or try loading into a short flight and come back out and see if it updates

Have you tried restarting your app? If so do a quick one - two minute flight as it may refresh your stats.

Short flight on casual will always help.


For future reference;
Since earlier today, this should not be necessary. A fix have been deployed to the servers to correct this minor (but very annoying) issue.


Thank you everyone! Casual Server JFK-EWR did the trick!

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