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Uploading… Hello guys I am flying infinite flight global since Saturday and am really happy with it… it is a great simulator. Today morning i got upgraded from grade 1 to grade 2. An hour ago I had a flight and got a violation for Overspeeding. I got
Degraded from grade 2 to grade 1 back again. On the grade list it says max violations 1 day : 5 … I got 6 can anyone tell me when I can get back to grade 2 again ?


You have to wait a week. If after a week it doesnt reset then do a quick flight in casual and that normally solves it. Then you can fly on Training Server again.

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Before saying “Mods can close” - it would be great if correct information were provided first ;)

You have to wait one (1) day. Full 24hrs.
Maximum violations for Grade 2 is;
5 violations in the past 24 hrs
25 violations for the past 7 days.

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Sorry I didnt have my glasses on…i cant read lol

And i got confused with expert server

@Deida do what @schyllberg said but do a quick flight on casual tomorrow or whenever the 24hrs is up just so it updates becuase we don’t need another topic asking why you are not back at Grade 2/Training Server

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Thanks for the quick answer

Haha Nö problem thankyou!

Ur welcome

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