Grade 1

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Earlier I did a session with no issues/violations. I was a grade 3 and now im down to grade 1. Whats happening?My Username is Air1 Heavy and I played about 3 hrs ago on the European region.

Well you most likely got violations or a ghosting. Plain and simple. Can you supply a screenshot? No one can go from a 3 to a 1 without something intervening. Natural laws of sciences and such.

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There’s always a reason for violations. You just need to monitor your flight. Also upload a picture of your violations here if you think something is wrong.

Please show us your grade table, it will help us help you better ;).


Your grade table shows that you have 6 violations within the past seven days, this is the cause for your grade to drop back down to grade 1.
I Suggest checking all of Mark’s Tutorials to insure you can fly better and dont receive any future violations.


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sometimes people have got speed violations when they leave there aircraft on autopilot make sure you check your speed at all times when on autopilot. Especially once you reach cruise.