Grade 1, why

So I just did a flight from YMML to OMDB, I started at 7 this morning and I just landed 21:20.

When I landed I found that I didn’t show me my stats for the flight which is sad because I not feel as though it didn’t saved.

I then saw that I am grade one when I didn’t get any violations. Please can so,some help me,

Thanks Can this be sorted please.

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Can you provide a screenshot of your grade table?


Yes hold on one sec brother

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Here is my grade table 5E79C381-1035-4E78-91A3-841763FB52D7

I don’t when I got these violations. I was watching my decent

You received violations. Most likely because of speeding while too high.

Remember that the higher you go the tighter your speed restriction is. You can’t put it on auto pilot at 345 kts and climb to FL360.

See sister
Your got violations during your flight, you got so many violations that even grade 2 doesn’t accept you.
Tomorrow you can go back to grade 2 though. Why did you get violations? Speed issue, either you didn’t have autopilot engaged for the speed of it turned off.

Sir, was sitting there watching my desent I didn’t see any pop ups or anything

Because during your cruise you got the violations

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Yes but the table says you have violations so it must have happened when you were cruising.