Grade 1 to grade 3

I am on grade 1 and it wont push me back to grade 3


Are you able to provide a screenshot of your grade table?

If you are grade 1 because you received a violation and the 7 day time period from the time of violation has passed, please do a short flight on any server just long enough to gain some XP and this should reset your grade allowing you to access grade 3 again pending that you meet all other requirements.

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If he could, what would be the point of this topic?

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Sorry, I just used the wrong words accidentally

Could you please elaborate?

Please check if you:

  • Meet the 90 Day Flight Time & Landing Requirements
  • Check if you have any active Violations

Yes i am able to provide a screenshot

Based on the screenshot you have provided, the numbers in orange are the requirements that you currently don’t meet for Grade 2, therefore you are currently grade 1.

You need to gain 3 more landings in 90 days as 5 is the requirement for grade 2, as well as having a violation to landing ratio of 0.80 or less, which yours is currently 1.32.

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You do not have enough landings within 90 days for grade 2, but the main issue is you require a 0.80 Violations to Landings ratio, and yours is 1.32. Do pattern work and maybe you will be able to reverse the situation.

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