Grade 1 to Grade 2

Good afternoon, could you please tell me how to quickly perform 25 landings to get Grade 2?


Just take any plane and do touch and go, since you are on the casual server, feel free to take off on the taxiway! The only thing you have to remember is the 30sec between landings and landing on a runway. Just touching it is enough

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Thank you for the information!

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Use a TBM and an Airport with parallel Runway´s makes it easy to get the 25. But think about that in 90 25 Landings getting lost from you total amount.

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Two reasons I wouldn’t recommend doing this

  1. If you do 25 landings now, in 90 days time they will suddenly drop off your “landings in 90 days” count, possibly pushing you down a grade again.

  2. The point of these grades isn’t supposed to be a badge to show off. It’s not suppose to gamify the app. It’s suppose to make sure you have enough experience to properly conduct a flight on the other servers. So unless you have spent plenty of time on solo, you should really just do a few flights to get experience flying.


I’m currently Grade 5 pilot. I used to be stuck around Grade 3 and Grade 4 about 3 years back. What I would suggest is do long hauls when you can. Make sure you do 2-3 landings everyday to keep your landing counts up. Hardly takes 5 minutes for it and you can do it at an airport where atc is there for some more fun but make sure atc is allowing pattern work. Do some short hauls in atc airspaces in expert server once you are grade 3. I think just repeating this would easily help you advance in your Grades and you will also have fun with all aspects of the simulator. Happy Flying!

I was a grade 3 but I’ve been so busy that I have dropped to grade 2. I have been too busy recently. It just really stresses me out especially with real-life commitments and all that stuff

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