Grade 1 to Grade 2

I have been using IF now for a few years. I normally bounce between Grade 3 and Grade 2 . If I don’t get my required landings in I drop from 3 to 2. Then of course when I’m more active I back to a 3.
I have been in and out of significant medical treatment , so I’ve only done 1 flight in over 2 months or more. Today I dropped down to Grade 1

My stats indicate I need 3 hours of flight time and 5 landings to re-establish my Grade 2.

I just flew a 2hour flight and did 1 landing on solo. How do I get my flights to log or count to meet my grade 2 requirements. Its been so long since I wasn’t a 2 that I’m alittle confused.

It appears my 2 hours didn’t post to my stats?


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All flights must be done on live. Solo flights don’t count.

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Copy , thanks

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Hi there, if you want to progress on grade you need to do progress online, that’s the only way to get up like on grade 3, that in my opinion is the best grade to stay because you can find excellent ATC controllers over the world and very professionals. In my case I do more ATC on casual server but I rather flight more in expert for the ATC. Up to you what hits the best for you. Good luck!

Well, Your stats do not count on Solo, all flights must be done in live for it to log.

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Answered - thanks all!