Grade 1 Problem

I logged onto Infinite Flight today and saw that I was Grade 1 and I had no hours of flight logged in the past 90 days or any landings. Can someone help me with this?

Did you make sure you’re on the right account? And if you’re on the right account, have you flown in the last 90 days?

It looks like I’m in the right account, even tried logging in with IFC to check.

The issue here is that you don’t have any flights in the past 90 days :)
Your last flight was in March 2019.

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Alright thank you, I’ll look into this more to check if I’m in the wrong account because I know I did a flight on the Expert Server about a week ago.

This is what we can see :)



You absolutely sure you did this flight on one of the online servers?

Alright I must be in a different account. Thank you!