Grade 1 pilot improvement spotted!

I have two pictures of grade 1 pilots doing much better than when they join(there was a huge player base increase due to global) In the first one, even though ATC did do wrong by letting me take off before the lined up 777, the 777 waited until I was, count em, three nautical miles away. In the second one, an American 787, instead of fighting for position, kindly let the other one pass. I say we’ll done to these pilots and encourage them to keep it up, as they are not the only ones I’ve seen doing better. I really appreciate it, the fact that I can fly to an extremely bust airport, with realistic players, is something I haven’t had in a long time.


P. S, I accidentally took the pictures sideways, sorry.

When I bought live I have already played the app for many months and understood basic ATC. I’m sure these pilots did the same, or even watched tutorials before buying live.

But really, kuddos! Glad to see some patient and respectful grade 1s out there.


As far as we know, some Grade 1 pilots might as well be real world pilots. They may have just bought a subscription to Infinite Flight.


Still, it’s cool to see people put in some effort from grade one. Not all grade 1-3s are bad pilots… lol @Dan_77


Very nice, we need more of these people, they make the world (Of IF) better…

Hey lol
As I said before, and apologies if I generalised pilots, many grade 3 and below are excellent pilots

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Same here. Tutorials also helped a lot. Did mistakes at first but they were not bad. The first event I attended was this: The Palmdale Prop Fly-In FNF 10/16, I even did a test flight before the event

PS: check how the NOTAMs were back then, but I guess things have gotten a whole lot busy lately.

Starting engines was just a dream that time.

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Grade 1s probably aren’t that bad since they are new and haven’t been infected from the TS1 disease yet.


Experience is not the equivalent to maturity. Im not surprise that grade 1 pilots are following the rules and acting professional. This can serve as a lesson to many who think that the lower the grade = lower maturity.


I hate so much those players don’t wait the queue for take off instead of crash over me and take the first line and take off without ATC clearance. That happens in Training server a lot!
I do want to play in Expert server, but there is not much players and planes flying around…
So I dont feel realism enough, so I still stay in Training server with those players who are not serious enough…

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Great to see grade 1’s improving, keep up the great work guys!

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i believe i may have been the american 787 what airport was this ?

Grade 1s never tune into atc frequency

I was controlling JFK tower and ground yesterday on training server, and there were so many Grade 1 pilots. I was a little worried, but every single one of them did everything needed. And they were very professional. And I was really happy with the amount of grade 1 pilots taking the same serious. Now there is still that group that doesn’t call the tower and takes of on the tax way, but the amount of those kind of pilots is going down, which is great to see. Keep working at it Grade 1 pilots and you will be in the Expert Server in no time :)

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I understand how grade 1s can be experienced pilots (they may have transferred from XPlane or FSX or something) But what I don’t understand, is how we see grade 3s divebombing airports and crashing into other planes.

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Because you can get to grade 3 just on the Casual server.

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Ah. I see.

But what if they are on expert server?

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I don’t know then…

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Well then that’s something that’s just embarrassing