Grade 1 on training server


Can grade 1 play on training server now? It was supposed to be grade 2 or above.


No, grade 1 can only play on the casual server. Grade 2 can play on training, and grade 3 and above can play on expert

For some reason I’m current grade 1 and I’m allowed to play on training server. 😂

Hmmmm print?

Do you mean you’re allowed to control in training?

Hello 🙂

Restart the app and then check your stats via the menu > view stats

It might be that you jumped to grade 2 but there is a small delay with this being reflected in app

Can you share a screenshot of your stats table?

And I can join Training Server lol

No you can’t the “fly” button is greyed out.

I can fly in training server lol.

Well, thats weird lmao

I thought expert server was grade 3👀

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