Grade 1 on training server

So today I was flying on training server because I was ghosted this morning and I saw a grade 1 on the training server I don’t have a photo but how is this possible?

The user got violations during that flight.

He probably got a Violation while flying.

Oh ok but he was just taking off from the airport

He might of got one from taxing to fast or maybe he landed and took off again

Earlier today I saw a grade 2 on expert.

Doesn’t mean he just started flying, when I get demoted I tend to not log off between flights and just change weight, add fuel, get a new flight plan and fly until the game crashes or the live connection fails and I get kicked off

The only way this can occur is if the user experienced some kind of violations during the flight causing their grade to drop. Once they exit the flight they will not be able to access the server until the violations clear up.

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