"Grace-Period" for Opening ATC Frequencies


The Grace Period will allow ATC Controllers to open a specific frequency without displaying it to the Pilots until the Controller is ready to accept traffic. In other words you as the Controller would be able to deactivate the Live Server connection with the simple flick of a button.

Field of Use:

As we see more and more Airport and Frequency specific procedures there is a lot to take into account when opening a ATC Frequency.

  • Selecting the STARs I want to display.

  • Radar Customisation (Show Taxiways, Airspaces, Aircraft Trails, etc.)

  • Setting up Camera Perspectives at the desired locations.

  • Setting up the ATIS message.

WIth the Traffic Levels in Infinite Flight you currently need to sort all of the above out with dozens of aircraft already calling in on your frequency. The “Grace Period” would allow Controllers to fully set up their Radar and Camera Positions before accepting Pilots onto their frequency(s). This feature would also help with a more efficient Controller Change process where one Controller can be fully loaded in and prepared as the previous one logs out.

Additional Information:

  • Many of the named items of preparation can be researched and planned prior to a session by using 3rd party Applications or spawning into the desired airport as a pilot. This Feature would allow all of this to happen within the ATC menu and frequency.

  • The Activation of the Frequency could be done via the “Pause” menu as shown in the picture above.

A awesome idea! Whenever I come in, I always get bombarded with messages and can’t set the ATIS as I have to tend to all the traffic. I believe this will help a lot!

Will try to free up a vote ;)


You know this is an amazing idea! Sometimes when opening you get absolutely bombarded with traffic giving you little time to select your ATIS and get yourself prepared. Good thinking! Love this idea.


I think controllers do this in real life too. correct me if I’m wrong

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This is a great idea!! I’ll try to clear up a vote. Nothing worse than trying to get set up with a spam of requests on your frequency

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Nice idea—voted! This could work very well with
Realistic Controller Change for ATC.

This would be very important in my opinion. It’s easy to get overwhelmed balancing STARs, ATIS and generally getting a good perspective of the airfield and area you’re open in.

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Voted. Would be incredibly helpful especially at busy airfields without approach.

Fantastic idea; this will be so helpful and make controllers’ lives much easier. It has my vote for sure. There’s nothing that sucks more than when you’re trying to prep an ATIS with SIDs/STARs whilst people are spamming you on Tower and Ground.

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Wow, 9 votes in 10 minutes! Impressive. Anyway, I’ve voted too!

I like this idea! You get my vote!

This is the best feature request I’ve seen. Clearing a vote immediately, would be a lifesaver as an IFATC. Often times when the main hub has a controller change, chaos insues for a good 2 minutes as one waits for the little cooldown after closing to end.

I love this idea! would make everything so much easier, especially knowing how crazy it is when a new controller comes in! You have my vote!

From a pilot’s perspective, this makes total sense. When there’s a controller change, I often wonder how the new ATC feels when hit on from every angle with messages from other users. I often find my self a little troubled when expecting a new ATIS from a new controller so it would actually alleviate some of that thought

I’ve never voted for something so quickly. Amazing idea.

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This is a great idea, I wouldn’t have to ignore everyone. Maybe both this and this other request. :)

Great Idea!

This has my vote, while I’m not IFATC I see the droves of people go to a different frequency when another closes, my most recent example was today at Kai Tak. Approach closed and EVERYONE went to tower the second it opened and called inbound.

Amazing idea, has my vote🙌

This will definitely stop everything getting lit up like a Christmas tree while you set up the ATIS and such. Would be a very helpful addition for all controllers! Voted.

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