Gpws warnings voice commands

I bought after it say can’t be returned I don’t know how I deleted the app on app store
Could anyone how to refund surly there is some way

Try ‘Restore purchases’.

Ok thnx
Other wise I talking to epaga says can’t be returned but I had to try no way
Mika airport in sight

If that doesn’t work, look in to your Purchase History. Make sure you’re money is transferred.

PM @epaga if that doesn’t work :)

It depends on whether you’re trying to refund or restore.

Refund (meaning you get money back) is something I don’t offer, but Apple sometimes does if you write them, sometimes not.

Restore (meaning you get an in-app working that you purchased but is no longer on your device) is something you should be able to do with “Restore purchases”…

Hope this clears things up.


I don’t really think this is the right place to request those things. You can either PM epaga or reply to his main thread:

Oops sorry @Thomas_G

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