GPWS repeating

Hello all aviators! So, today I was on short final in KMIA Airport. And at 100ft, my plane’s gpws was repeating 100 two times. I didn’t even pull my plane up. And also suddenly after 100ft callout, I didn’t heard the gpws saying 50, 40. It just said, 100, 30, 20, 10. What’s the problem? Btw, I was playing with A330-300.

It could be the elevation changing, but I’m not too sure


I could imagine the reason to how terrain works around airports. Airports are fully flat within its boundary in the sim, meaning that if the airport is at a bank one end in comparison to the other, it can sometimes leave a noticeable ‘ledge’ or rise in elevation to meet with the rest of the airport. (A good example of a flat airport against terrain is Lukla/VNLK). Combine this with the local terrain which may have hills and banks means you have an approach with some terrain and the ‘wall’ of terrain into the airport.

In IF, the GPWS callouts will sound as soon as an aircraft going down reaches the set altitudes AGL (eg, 100, 50…), meaning that if there are slight changes in the terrain which leads the AGL to dip below and above 100ft, it will sound again when dipping back below on its descent which can cause this duplicated affect. The ‘skip’ of a few callouts is often as you fly into the airport’s boundary limits meaning it is flat and may skip as this wall may be a significant height from the terrain the AGL was originally reading outside of the airport.


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