GPWS 2,500 Call out, Missing 99% of the time

Hey guys

everytime i fly i never get the 2,500 call out

but today i was approaching MMMX, and the call out “Twenty Five Hundred” came on
I have been playing IF for about 2 years, and that never came on
that was the first time, why did it never sound before?

this is not a “problem” so that is why it is not in Suport


I have noticed this problem several times. I always only notice this in retrospect. But I have all the other callouts.

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The callouts only play if you have your gear down. So if you have your gear down before you’re at 2500 ft above the ground, you will “Two thousand five hundred”. Feel free to test it out, put your gear down at 3000 ft above the ground and wait for the callout.

P.S. If you don’t have your gear down at, for an example, 1000 ft above the ground, you will not hear the “One thousand” callout


To add, you will only be able to hear GPWS audio if you are in a cockpit or HUD view. All other camera views will eliminate the audio being played.


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