GPU, Memory issues

People with the charging problem on iPad have to remember you have a big screen which means more pixels to light up and also the voltage ur power brick is providing. Sometimes it not enough to counter the voltage at which your device is draining. Also if you can’t run the game at full specs and 60fps, it doesn’t mean u need a new device. I have a 2020 device with a powerful chip but can’t handle 60fps. But I have my graphics at max and 30fps. You just need to play with the settings and see which is better for you. Some might like the smoothness of 60fps over the graphics while some might like the graphics more and are ok with lower fps count.


Today morning I made a 2 hours flight and my battery down from 100% to 30%, even with low brightness and low graphics


What device are you using? And old is it ?

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Do you have “Low Power Mode” enabled inside Infinite Flight settings?


Settings>general>scroll down and unable “automatic low power mode”.

It lower ur fps to 10 so your device ain’t working too much and saves power

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iPad 6th generation, iPadOS 14.5.1

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Not that I remember

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Try enabling this when you’re flying. It will automatically lower the performance when your flight is in cruise (with autopilot on) and you are not interacting with the device to save battery power.

Are you using the manufacturer’s power supply to charge the device?


That’s the issue. Please unable and it will give u better battery performance


Yes, I use the power that came with the device. I don’t know, but this option don’t cause any crash yet? I remember to heard something about it, but I’ll try this for the next flight.

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No, it shouldn’t cause any crashes :)
It will just make the device use less power when you’re in a long flight which should help keep the device charged for longer.


I think it should lower ur chances of crashes to nearly impossible to the app crashing

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We are asking a lot of of these devices. Sure, they were meant for a lot of different types of usage - entertainment + gaming is definitely one of them. But like many have said already every device has its limitations, especially when pushed to the limit. There is a lot of great advice above that should be followed, but I’ll go ahead and add my 2 cents and maybe more, as someone extremely familiar with iOS and iPadOS. It could help, or not - just some things to be cognizant of.

Your iPad is a computer and like many computers, it doesn’t have the best solution for cooling under high CPU load, also: it is sometimes doing a lot of things in the background, some small tasks, some large (but infrequent and rare) that we may have forgotten about/taken for granted.

These could be contributing to excess CPU/RAM usage which snowballs into performance loss, battery loss, etc. and I think they are worth looking at as someone who just upgraded his iPad 5th Generation to a newer one for Infinite Flight.

My older iPad 5th Generation ran it well - but only after I did some of the “housekeeping” tasks I’ll explain below. This is especially crucial to do if you use the iPad for many other things and expecting stellar performance 24/7 from a full scale game/simulator like Infinite Flight.

I’ll steal some old screenshots I made for a previous post regarding these things, and add some new ones in case anyone reading isn’t sure where to go.

First, Let’s take a look at what you have enabled in terms of pesky apps in the background refreshing and stealing your precious CPU/available RAM/bandwidth.

  • Head on over to: (Settings → General → Background App Refresh) , turn as many of them off as you can. Keeping in mind that any apps you need to be talking to you/alerting you of things in the background should stay on.

  • Second, if you use the iOS native Mail/Notes/Reminders/Calendar application(s), head over to: (Settings → Mail → Accounts) change the Push setting to “Off”. As you can see below, with this turned on my iPad would constantly be checking for new mail from two accounts, as well as new iCloud Drive files, Mail, Contacts, Safari Stuff, Bookmarks, Notes, News, etc, etc, etc…**

  • and also change “Fetch” to “Manually”. This ensures your device is not always checking for new e-mail/notes/reminders/etc. in the background - sometimes as often as every 2 or 3 minutes, especially if your device is plugged in and iOS thinks that it’s “okay” to keep doing this as it has power. If you’re like me and have 3+ e-mail accounts on your iOS/iPadOS device (and about 8+ on my work device) - you can understand how taxing this could potentially be on the device.

Things like calendar, reminders, and mail updates will happen manually now when you open the respective apps after changing these settings - you may not notice much of a difference except for better battery life and a little less load on the CPU which is what were after.

But don’t do this if you require your device to always alert you to new e-mails, calendar updates, notes, iCloud Drive on demand file updating, etc…

  • Last, but not least - the settings within Infinite Flight. Obviously with the new additions in 21.1 combined with using an older device we need to keep these in the “acceptable” range of “how happy you are with how it looks/feels” vs. reality.

I find that with the 5th Generation (and I believe you said you had the 6th, so that’s even better) - these were the best settings while I was playing\needed to see the screen:

I found that when I did not need to see the screen - for example, long hauls or just the time in between a flight, that these were the best settings:

shocking, I know.

Also, let’s not forget our good friend “Airplane Count” - which can be a blessing and curse:

Also, the basics like ensuring device brightness is low (and kept low - sometimes the iPad changes brightness based on ambient light - turn this setting off also).

You may want to think about an iCloud backup and full restore also as this can help more than you know… :)

…or it might not matter what you do. Either way, thought I would share, and I hope anything I mentioned helps.


Also - rather than editing that reply again. I wanted to remind you of another system drainer: Automatic App Updates.

App Updates for all your apps on device are great (look a 21.1!) - however, sometimes “automatic” App Updates can be troublesome if you plug your device in while playing.

When you plug an iOS/iPadOS device in and it gets power and has a decent battery level - sometimes it makes a decision to start updating the other apps on your device that have a waiting update from the App Store. This can be tricky with Infinite Flight (or any app) running in the foreground while it’s downloading 50-900mb files in the background + updating them, etc…

So maybe try turning “automatic” App Updates (second option circled) off as well.

Just make sure to update your apps manually from the App Store - once in a while, if you do choose to turn this off!

and make sure the first option (top one circled) “Apps” is off also if you have multiple iOS/iPadOS devices on the same Apple ID. Leaving this enabled will automatically install apps that were downloaded on other devices automatically on this device, if enabled.

For example: I’m playing Infinite Flight on my iPad, I’m at cruise… everything is fine - then I install a 412mb app on my iPhone which would then automatically download it onto my iPad while Infinite Flight is running (stealing precious battery life, ram, and CPU).

Most people prefer this “off” anyways - as they have different sets of apps for each device rather than a 1:1 mirror of apps across one Apple ID.


Same and also overheating!

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I have been having the same issue as well as overheating despite putting all graphics to low and brightness to minimum as well as enabling Low Power Mode (iPhone 12 Pro Max iOS 14.5.1 Infinite Flight 21.01) please look into it immediately @Cameron


If this is something that’s occurring when you’re charging, it’s normal. It gets very warm when charging even if don’t use it. Have the same device.


It is more during changing however,even when it’s not,unfortunately the issue is still persisting.


I never said it can’t run. I just said base model ipad aren’t made for gaming. so performance might be not great. pro model on the other hand are made for digital media work and gaming purpose.


all of this is an interesting topic for sure let’s keep an eye on this. it’s great having this conversation with you guys