GPU, Memory issues

Ever since the beta, I’ve noticed a huge difference in overall app performance. These are things I’m experiencing.

1:) Graphics memory leakage: When using app default settings with no ant-ialiasing; app runs the gpu into thermal overload, thus running the battery down quickly. Will go 100% fully charged to 80% not even moving in 10 min. just sitting on the tarmac. App usage wattage is close to 2 watts per hour, which is unheard of.
Adjusting settings to low mode on all graphics adjustments will bring gpu thread usage down about 20% from medium but still is not acceptable.
Makes the app unusable due to battery & hard gpu usage and battery consumption.

2:) Gyro calibration problems: tested on numerous aircraft under no wind - ideal conditions within the casual server; all tested aircraft pull hard to the left and float around upon take off with trouble lifting off as opposed to 20.03.06 never experiencing these issues. Attempts to recalibrate have no effect on this.

3:) Dim barely functional lighting on aircraft. Most of the lighting on aircraft is not visible during daylight and barely visible at night. Also, there’s a milky opaqueness to all aircraft and lack of functional details across all. Not sure what this is about.

3:) No live or missing weather. For some reason, all airports tested have the same weather. Am I missing something? Timing and integration of the weather plugin with actual conditions is very different than previous versions.

In closing, I think the roll out of 20.1 was a bit premature and does not function well enough to be a gold candidate. It should’ve remain a beta until some or all of the basic issues were handled.
Lastly how can one go back to the previous version until buggy 20.1 is repaired?

iPad 6th gen 256gb.
OS: 14.5.1
Battery health 98% no issues with any other app.
Image taken at KDEN during real massive thunderstorms over the area. DIA was on delay in real life. No clouds?



Sorry to hear you feel that way.

I have to say I’m a bit puzzled by this topic. The reason for that being that we’ve worked tremendously on performance for 21.1.

We started off at a stage where it was barely usable on high end desktop PCs to being mostly the same or even a better experience on devices people have been flying on prior to 21.1, which has also been confirmed both post-release & during open beta.

If you’ve been a part of open beta, how come you haven’t mentioned any of these things up until now - 24hrs after public release? There’s been quite a lot of topics in Open Beta covering most of your concerns.

However, clouds are not live at this stage as communicated :)

Additionally, which graphics settings are you running with?

Thank you for taking the time to bring this up though, even if it’s at the latest stage.


My topic is not meant to be degrading or disrespectful in any way!
Some of my early beta posts were removed due to duplicity and as I looked through beta postings I did see people having similar issues.
I removed the beta about nine days ago and went back to the previous stable version until last night with now real issues in gpu issues. Now that 21.1 is current with no way to downgrade, the issues I’m having make the app unusable in its current build.
All settings for graphics are set to low with antialiasing off and frame rate at 30fps. The image taken is the result of trying to combat the gpu usage problem. I guess I’ll reload the older version until some or all of the graphics issues are handled.


It was not taken as such, don’t worry :)

I’m gonna browse through the reports in a bit to see what’s been said in terms of your device specifically, as I’m sure you’re not the only one with that model :)


iPad 6th gen is just not as powerful. upgrade recommended.


also the iPad 6th gen or in general the iPad base models aren’t meant for high performance gaming more like for study and entertainment purpose like movies ect.

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Able to Reproduce the 2st and the 4th one on iPhone 12 Pro Max iOS14.5.1 Infinite Flight 21.01,you have given 2 Third Points.I have been having the same issues especially the aircraft drifting during takeoff one!


That being said, system requirements for 21.1 should reflect that.
If an older iPhone or iPad can’t be used, than Infinite Flight LLC should have the disclaimer and block downloads to older gear.
I find that hard to believe since 20.03 worked just fine.

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With all due respect, I disagree. The iPad 6th Generation contains the Apple A10 chipset - a 2.34 GHz quad-core 64-bit chip.

Sure, it’s nothing compared to the A14 Bionic in the iPhone 12 Pro, but the A10 is more than capable of running Infinite Flight at medium to high graphic settings.

Advising the OP to purchase a new device isn’t exactly necessary, either.

@anon71374032, I suggest waiting on Seb to return with reports of usage with this device. If you would like to be proactive, perhaps restarting your device, even if you have already done so, would be beneficial. Consider clearing your RAM, too. I can provide you with the steps to do so if you need help.

I hope your issue gets resolved soon!


Agreed,I too am having these issues despite being on the 12 Pro Max,so I think it’s A problem from the game and not the device!

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I off loaded the app on numerous occasions. No change.
If there’s a ram flush routine, do share!

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Z-Tube’s Guide to Clearing the RAM on Your iPad 6th Generation

  1. Unlock your iPad.
  2. Press and hold the Power button until you see the Slide to Power Off option.
  3. Release the Power button.
  4. Hold down the Home button for about 5 seconds. The screen will flash white and then return to the Home Screen. This will indicate that the RAM has been cleared.

Are you running IF at 60fps by chance? I noticed a considerable difference when switching to 30fps.


No only at 30fps.


Thank you Z!
I’ll try it when I get home and share the results!🖖🏻


Don’t get me wrong it can be used of course but you won’t get great performance

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I’m not sure if this is the problem but maybe the update wasn’t pushed correctly because my iPhone XR has automatically set my frame limit to 30fps. I’ve seen others on the fourm with similar Apple performance complaints. From my tests the performance is tremendously improved at 30FPS compared to 60.

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I have the same device and I agree with the battery problem. My battery is drowing quickly even when I lower the brightness and the put the graphics to low. Also the battery don’t charge during long flights. Even after a 10 hours Flight my battery doesn’t reach 100%. This problem disappeared in the last beta, but now in the official update it has reappeared.


When I was using the first of the beta’s I had the same problem and now with the GC release 20.1. My iPad was on its 24watt charger, brightness all the way down and with the GPU drain, the charger couldn’t keep up. When I went back to 20.06 problem gone as well as the odd glitches in aircraft performance. I can run my usual 3-5 hour flights checking in periodically while in lower power mode and my battery will discharge to about 74-77% with screen brightness just below half which is adequate.


Strictly speaking, none of the iPad models are “meant for high performance gaming”, and they aren’t marketed as such. They are designed to be productivity tools, and they just happen to be extremely powerful and good with gaming too.

I will disagree here too. The 6th gen is more than competent at running the simulator. Sure it may not run full graphics and hit 60fps, but it’s certainly more than powerful enough.

I mention it enough, god knows, but my 6 year old Pixel C still runs the simulator, as much of a compatibility nightmare as that’s been…
My iPod Touch (6th gen) still manages to run the simulator, and that’s with an A8 and 1GB of RAM. If these devices can run it, there’s no reason a 3 year old iPad can’t.

I really wish people wouldn’t immediately jump on the “you need to upgrade your device” train. There is typically more to it than just that, especially with what is still quite a modern device. Let’s at least (or let Seb) try and tackle the issue at hand before immediately abandoning all hope and just writing off a perfectly good device. Peace.