GPU load increased when looking at the sky

So I’m flying in the B77F and I’ve noticed with other planes as well, when I look at the plane from the top, my GPU load is around 30-35% but when I look at it from the ground up (facing the sky) my GPU load doubles. I’ve tried without clouds as well. Is anyone facing this issue?


What app is that??

is it integrated into the software of my device


What device ?

Xiaomi poco f2 pro

Is anyone else facing this issue

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Hi! Thanks for contacting support. It is quite normal that a different perspective in a 3D game can put more strain on the GPU. Do you have any wider problems with your device due to this GPU behavior or did you only notice GPU load because you checked it with your app?

No my phone is fine. Other games are fine. But when i check the load for Infinite flight using different views there’s different workload. In 3D areas i understand the load but looking at the sky seems odd to me. I can pull around 40-45% GPU load in 3D airports

I also have a Xiaomi Device but I cannot pull out the game tuner for IF could you help me with this @Chief_Beef? (My device Xiaomi Mi 11i). I’ve experienced the opposite. At 3D airports more GPU but looking at the sky is less.

You have to add the IF to game turbo and u pull the settings by swiping right from the top left corner

How do you this? If you cant pull the tuner?

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Since the phone doesn’t get as hot when i see up in the sky

I do not understand how I find the the enhancer

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This definitely needs investigating. It seems to be the cause of the FPS issues in 22.1. Happens the instant I cross 6000ft. Low render quality used to fix this.

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We are on the same boat my friend @xsrvmy!

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Let’s keep the discussion in this thread:

Philippe is looking into this and we’ll publish more info there as soon as we have some. Thanks!

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