GPS Turning really sudden and jerky

So Ill put a good amount of way point and like using realistic Flight plans. But the Gps turns seem really jerky and not smooth at all. Why is that and how can I fix it so the plane turns smooth and seamlessly form leg to leg.

Hello! You can vote for this feature down below


Yeah, unfortunately, autopilot will yEet your plane to the side when changing waypoints. On short trips or while climbing or descending, I just disconnect NAV and hand fly my turns.

But, yeah, I’ve voted on the topic above and you should too :)

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I did it sucks that they take forever to fix their stuff or update. Like the long hall crashes and how the 777 still isnt out yet. Also the ils never seems to keep me on centerline because of the winds and i always have to manually correct it. Tricky when your on final!

Would you rather have a low quality update that comes out every month or a high quality update with a handful each year?

I’m just as frustrated as you with the app crashes. I didn’t even make it to the runway earlier today before it froze and crashed. I’m doing a long haul right now and fully expect the app to crash.


You can activate the next leg manually (around 15-35 seconds depending how long the turn is), and get smoother turns by that. Otherwise please vote for the topic linked below. Thanks!

Very strange, I never have any problems :)

Then your a great pilot 😉
Happy Flying :D

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Unfortunately nothing can be done right now! To avoid this to could make the waypoints less sharp but there is no fix!
Happy Flying :D

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