GPS/NAV1 help

In the updated a320 cockpit I can’t seem to spot what changes on the PFD when I switch between the NAV1/GPS. Can anyone help?

Thanks, Jacob

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Clearly, look at this topic below. It has GPS/NAV1 explanation in there.


In the live cockpit, next to the screen showing altitude and that is a screen showing your flight plan. Every time you change it from NAV1 to GPS, it changes the layout of that screen

You are talking about the «MFD MAP NAV» button. You can change between ARC mode and NAV mode on the Navigation display.

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Sorry if it isn’t clear, I am talking about the Source: GPS
Source: NAV1

There you go - switch to Nav1 for an ILS approach and you will see the Localiser and Glide Slope active on the Primary Flight Display in the Airbus or the localiser on the Horizontal Situation Indicator in the xcub - Have fun!

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If you press the HUD button in the systems page then it will appear along with the rest of the HUD. Be careful, this discussion is getting slightly off topic. 🙂

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