GPS/ILS Approach

I’m not sure about kind of Approach really well.
What is different between
GPS Approach
ILS Approach.
What do I have to do when they request GPS/ILS approach (when I in Approach)


GPS means you have to follow a series of waypoints from a published chart and follow a specific descent gradient

ILS is a whole system guiding you laterally and vertically down to the runway
To follow the ILS, some planes have an approach system (APPR) which also work as an Auto land in Infinite Flight


GPS Approaches are no more a thing in IF,so you’d usually give them a RV/Visual, and if the weather conditions at the airport doesn’t doesn’t allows for Visual/RV(Visibility Less than 3SM) also known as IMC conditions you can’t vector them for anything,hence the runway will remain closed for arrivals.

ILS Approach- ILS Approach (Instrument Landing System) is an approach flown by pilot using their instruments which provides lateral/vertical guidance i.e. Localiser and glideslope. So you vector them until they have intercepted the localiser at an altitude which is usually lower than the actual glideslope altitude at that point. Usually you’d give them a 30° intercept and nothing less than a 10° intercept.

For example: Heading of Runway 010 at FACT is 009°,so you’d usually give an intercept of 040° or 340°. Make sure you check charts to check the actual Runway headings, like Runway 08r at MIA is 092° so you would intercept them at 120° or 060°.

All you need to do is to vector them towards the localiser and give them an Intercept,once intercepted the localiser hand them off to tower frequency. Let me know if you’ve any other questions!


GPS approaches are your classical RNAV. When requesting a GPS approach you tell ATC that you have enough informations to fly the approach once vectored to the final

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That’s not how it works actually. We can’t just expect pilots that they have waypoints entered in their FPL which will help them intercepting the localiser.

So we’ll usually give those pilots RV/Visual Approach which can also be denied in IMC conditions.

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Ok thanks for letting me know, I don’t fly often with ATC so I thought you just did like stated above


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Thank you for your replies guys!!
I get it now.

That’s okay.Thanks

Thanks everyone!