GPS Coordinates

Did GPS coordinates work for all coordinates because I’m tired trying to type in coordinates but cannot seem to get them to work ;(

I take them in exactly how I’m supposed to a whole number ###N/-***W

Are you creating your FPLs in IF or are you using SimBrief?

Sorry but I don’t fully understand your question. Are you asking how to insert GPS coordinates as waypoints in IF?

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Creating one in a Infinite Flight , trying to type 41.0798, -85.1469

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I don’t think every single coordinate is within the IF waypoint database.

I only know so much, so maybe do some exploring around the IFC.

You can insert any GPS coordinate provided that it is formatted as XXXXN/XXXXW

In your case, it would convert to 4108N/8515W

Positives are North/East and negatives are South/West. Think of it as plotting a point on a Cartesian Coordinate System.


Thank you so much! I get it now rounding them. Thanks!!

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