GPS Approaches

Sometimes I struggle to see the GPS approaches (my eyes are fine) but I think the transparency on them is too high, maybe if they we’re a bit more bold or their opacity was increased it would be much easier to see them without having to zoom in a lot. The ILS approaches are easy too see in all angles of the cockpit view, but to see the GPS approaches I need to either go into the angle where the mini map is at the most opacity or I need to zoom in.

What do you guys think?


Maybe hide the terrain on your minimap. The white cone should be good to see on a dark background.

It still isn’t that bold with or without the terrain.

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Definitely too transparent to see. I can barely see them since after the update.

Yes, very hard to see, but it’s a gps approach so doesn’t really make sense to have the localizer cone anyway.


Can also confirm this with latest update (16.06.6) on iOS.
Here is a picture I took today controlling, and you can see it’s barely visible, which is quite annoying

This was on iPad 4 generation.

Tyler is addressing this problem with Laura. It was never an issue until the latest update.


That’s good because I noticed it too. I thought I was going mental, glad to know it’s an actual issue.

Yeah, but since we can’t select the approach yet when flight planing, it is kind of needed.

Is it me or the terrain looks more blurry now than before the update?

Mainly if it was just bolded a bit it and the opacity was increased it would be a thousand times easier to see.

So it shouldn’t be that hard to fix, just a graphics issue.

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