GPS Approach

Hello IFC! I was wondering if anyone could give me tips on how to land on runways without an ILS?

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I suggest before turning off auto pilot calibrate and watch IF tutorials they have and practice solo.

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100% watch the tutorials. I am assuming you want to do an instrument approach into the airport. GPS approaches are a really nice mix of instrument and visual. Make sure to have the airport in sight when reaching the FAP. I also love doing VOR or NDB approaches into certain airports. Make sure to read the approach chart well, though, because it can get confusing very quickly. My all time fav is the VOR appr into NZQN!



Here is the GPS navigating tutorial.

Hope this helps!


100% practice, you can only nail on approach and landing without ILS with practice and experience! And watch tutorials and improve on your techniques.


Thank you all for your help!

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