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I cannot figure out how to set the NAV radios to a GPS approach so I can see the glide slope, and localizer indicators. Any suggestions please.

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Maybe this can help :) Feel free to ask questions:)

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Hey, Brad!

The GPS Approach is a non-precision approach within Infinite Flight, while the ILS consists of two beams, the Localizer (LOC), providing lateral guidance (left/right) and the Glideslope (G/S) providing vertical guidance (up/down).

Please see the Infinite Flight User Guide on ILS approaches:

Specific Links

Tuning to an ILSDisplaying an ILS in your Aircraft

I believe that you can’t tune into anything for a GPS approach currently in infinite flight. I believe you follow your flight plan all the way down to the runway with the current GPS approach system

This link is outdated. This tutorial is from when the GPS was treated as an ILS. Tuning into a GPS isn’t possible, it’s just your FPL.


Hey @Brad_Noall!
IF currently doesn’t support ‘precision’ GPS approaches - that means no ‘glideslope,’ unfortunately.
All you gotta do is set it up on your flight plan, and follow your flight plan all the way down to the ground. If you’ve got the approach set up from the ‘Procedures’ tab, it should have VNAV set up for you too.

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