GPS Approach with Low Visibility

if you’re approaching at an airport that does not have an ILS approach and at that visiblity was 1/4 SM, what do you do?

can you answer that?

Maybe can help you.

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Sorry, have a look here

There’s no difference between ILS and GPS in Infinite Flight.

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The GPS approach does not account for terrain. The LOC (localizer/extended centerline) should be fairly accurate. However, the question is what do you feel comfortable with? Do you feel comfortable landing with 1/4 mile Vis or should you divert to another field?


i think i need to divert to another field because landing with 1/4 SM withour ILS is risky and hard i think.

anyway thank you for answering :)

Laurens, you would be correct if you weren’t so wrong. There is a huge difference between the ILS and GPS approaches on IF. GPS approaches do NOT take terrain into account. It is primarily for the LOC. Please only respond when your information is accurate so that we are not misleading other members. Thanks.


Whenever in doubt, it’s better to divert.

yeah, better divert to another airfield

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