GPS Approach Tutorial?

How does the GPS approach work now in 19.4. Did not find out anything…

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GPS is the name given to the navigation using the “magenta line” on the map, it can be a lot of types of approaches but it didn’t change in this update.

Maybe you meant something else like APPR mode on all runways which isn’t possible anymore.

Also no glideslope then? Before there was always one

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Instrument Glideslopes are only provided by the Glideslope antenna of a ILS system. With 19.4 this piece of realism was added, and all “fake” glideslopes for runways that don’t have it in real life are gonne now.
How ever many runways have a visual glideslope as well (not all) that is either the PAPI or VASI lights. In IF currently only a 2 lights PAPI is shown when there is some kind of visual glidepath lights. Those are verry helpfull for none ILS aproaches.
At the end it just needs some practise to land visual wiathout any aids. Try it, train it, it is fun.


It is not an issue and fun indeed. I just was wondering if there is any chance to get an glideslope or I just was doing something wrong.

As of the latest update, nope. This is more realistic. So you gotta fly it visually as said above.

You can search for a approach chart of the runway you are landing at. If you found one it will have attitudes assigned to fixes, most of the fixes are in IF. Most approaches have at least three fixes:
IAF Initial Approach Fix
FAF Final Approach Fix
MAP Missed Aproach Fix
Some have Runway Fix or a intermediate approach Fix as well.
For all of those is a attitude assigned.
If you follow those fixes you can check you attitude when you pass them, in addition you can do the maths to find your vs in fpm for the planned approach speed that matches this approach path in the path.


The GPS is not a precision approach. Much like others said, the glideslope portion of this was removed which offers a higher level of realism.

When planning your arrival phase in IFR conditions you should plan to utilize the instrument runway or divert to a field with an ILS. This occurs in the real world quite often as well. 🙂


So if a field with active ATC is IFR on the expert server but the runway in use doesn’t have an ILS then what is gonna happen. Because you could plan an RNAV approach but can’t request it.

Controllers have been instructed to offer the ILS or the visual.

But like you said, you could still technically fly an RNAV by setting up the final’s waypoints without it being a precision approach. We’ll be iterating as we go, to include adding more approach options that include this scenario, but for now you can expect controllers to ensure the instrument runway is in use in a low IMC scenario.


So basically GPS Approach in the new update works in such a way that only directional guidance is given and not vertical guidance?

Yes, vertical guidance is no longer supported for GPS approaches.

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I’m not showing any centerline OR glide slope guidance. Does LAX really not have an ILS/PAR? Does the ILS just pop up if the field has one? Can I select it on/off? Gone for the one month that IF changes everything!

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KLAX definitely does have ILS approaches. Check out this great tutorial by Trio on how to use the new APPR mode. :)

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Awesome, thanks! Will have to play around with it. Hopefully I can just fly the ILS and not have to use George, that would be lame.

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As mentioned, not all runways have the APPR option anymore.

What about LPV approaches?

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I wish they used PAR approaches

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