GPS Approach Precision

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So in Infinite flight we have both ILS and GPS approaches and you can use APPR for both. I am aware of how an ILS approach works but how does a GPS. Wouldn’t there be precision problem cause I know for damn sure that my GPS is not all that reliable and precise.



Well, in infinite flight they are really the same from what I know.


GPS approach is simply a standard glideslope to guide you to the threshold. It is fairly accurate, but isn’t designed specifically for any given runway like an ILS, so it doesn’t take terrain into account. If there is a mountain in the approach path and you’re just following the GPS glideslope, you’re going to have some issues.


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GPS approaches are really called RNAV approaches and they give a non precision approach, using waypoints and calculated decent profile but RNAV approaches are more accurate and precise and efficient paths because they use obviously GPS.


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