GPS Approach - Pilot Tutorial

The GPS Approach is a non-precision approach designed to navigate terrain or serve runways without an Instrument Landing System (ILS). This increasingly popular approach comes in many different forms and can introduce safer passage into some of the world’s most dangerous airports.

Flying Guide | GPS Approach

Join me in the flight deck as we fly the GPS Approach into Kathmandu. Click below to tune in!

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Awesome Tutorial Tyler!

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Ohh! Nice tutorial! I’ll certainly use this for the next time I use a GPS approach!

Nice job Tyler!

Love it! Hope to service more GPS approaches in the future!

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It’s a great one Tyler! Nice job!

WOW that was an amazing landing!
Great tutorial as always, keep it up!

What do you do if ATC is present and the GPS approach contains a curve? Just request visual instead?

What do you mean, by a curve? Can you give an example of an approach plate with this?

Like a DME arc or something similar. Might have been a STAR but the point still stands.
Actually a more common example would be teardrop-like VOR approaches.